We know that an efficient process is the key to a successful outcome, each stage informs the next.

1. Planning & Design

Site Map

Lets make plans

We need to understand how your site will work architecturally, and site maps are a great place to start. They help us communicate the best approach for structuring the pages and navigation, and open the dialogue regarding the functionality and features you require.


Static Designs

Time to design

When we understand how the site will be structured, it is time to embark on the look and feel of your site. Illustrating how the elements will be positioned, the colour scheme, typography, graphics and content is very important to us. It is the first place where you will begin to see your project come to life.


2. Development

Front End Build

a world of code

Next we take your static designs and transform them into a fully interactive site. The way the layout to responds to the browser, mouse interactions, transitional animations and all things browser based are covered at this stage. A dedicated development link will be provided so you can track the updates as they happen.

Back End Build

Behind the scenes

A simple content management system is vital to the relationship you have with your website. When the front end has been built we focus entirely on the way your admin area functions. This includes the addition of handy site notes to help guide your through the task of updating and editing your site. At this stage we also build in any functionality that goes on at server level.

Joe Bloggs

3. Publishing

Content Migration

content is king

Your site would be nothing without your content. We gather all your copy, photographs, illustrations and video content. Then we resize, optimise and process the lot and add it to the site. This stage is crucial to the final impact your site and will stamp the personality of your brand on the internet for all to see.


Testing & Launch

We have lift off

Time to get exited. But before we put your new website on your personal domain, we go through a final checklist. We will rigorously test the website on all modern browsers and mobile devises to make sure it is working as intended. Meta data is added so google will be happy and your domains server is set up, ready to smoothly install your new brand website.